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What is Delta’s Innovation Class?

My love of travel and business have really made me appreciate Delta and LinkedIn’s new joint effort!

Read below about their new program called “Delta Innovation Class”.


Our jets fill up with some of the smartest people in the world. Leaders in technology, science, the arts and more.

But why should a flight just be a simple flight? Could these leaders use this time in the air to not just fly, but to share their knowledge with an up-and-coming professional in the seat next to them? We think so.

From this idea Delta Innovation Class was born.

It’s a mentoring program – that just so happens to take place at 35,000 feet.

We will be selecting leaders in innovation on their way to events around the globe for the program. They’ll be sitting in the mentor seat. The seat next to them will be open. This is your chance to sit in that seat. We’ll fly you to the event, get you in to the event, and, most importantly, give you one-on-one access you might never otherwise get.

Watch the video here

Personally, I wish it was a bit more broad in that anyone could say “hey my name is x, I’m an expert at y, I’ll be on flight z, who is interested in the seat next to me?”. Perhaps in time, it will grow to that point.

Overall, a GREAT idea!


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