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Milestone: Thank You For Being A Friend!

I’m super happy to celebrate a little milestone with you all…the Urban Traveler now has 1000 followers on Twitter!


Usually, I’m not phased by numbers. I keep my head down and just “do me.”  However, in this case, I’m making an exception, and want to acknowledge the people I communicate with on a (mostly) daily basis.

Thank you to my friends & family who make sure to send me deals and tips to share with my network. My growing team (you’ll get to know them soon enough!), the hotels, travel brands, foodies, chat hosts, PR reps, tourism boards, locals, the people who post their travel pictures/blogs/tweets and the people who retweet my posts as well.

Simply put, THANK YOU to MY continuously growing travel community!

I started tweeting a little over 4 years ago! I used to confirm it!

Seems that in the 4+ years, I haven’t changed much, as far as the type of information I share! Looking ahead, so much is in store for Urban Traveler and I can’t wait to unveil all I’ve been working on and continue to bring you along on this amazing ride!

For now…

Follow the Urban Traveler on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at @Urban_Traveler, and use the hashtag #UrbanTraveler so I can find your travel tweets & pictures.

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao-Tzu


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