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AIR: Kanye’s tour dancers perform flash mob, mid-air

I’ve seen a few flash mobs but THIS ONE is my very favorite!

Kanye West’s Australian tour dancers decided to give the rapper a present when they took to the skies and performed a “fly mob” on a Virgin Australia flight and danced to his hit, “Runaway.”

The video is, of course, beautifully choreographed, but becomes kinda funny when you see the passenger trying to get back to his seat.  It then turns to annoyance as you watch the passenger walking through the dancers…like he COULD NOT have waited one more minute?! Geeez!

Here are some other flights involving  “flash mobs”

Cebu Pacific flight attendants danced to “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Finnair flight attendants celebrated India’s Republic Day with a dance (this was great too)

Lemon Bucket Orkestra played for passengers on a delayed Air Canada flight


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