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I am an experienced Toronto, Canada based traveler and a professional marketer who is passionate about great service.

Though not always obvious to the average traveler, I am always aware of the revenue opportunities (lost or existing) brands have with customers.  From google searches to check-out, every encounter is an opportunity that brands have to improve their bottom line.

Having traveled as a leisure traveler as well as a business traveler, I have experienced all forms of paid travel.

My objective results are typically used to benefit:

  • Operations /Service Departments
  • Marketing Departments
  • Sales Departments
The Urban Traveler Secret Shopper Services - presentation

Leaders must empower their teams with information in order to grow.

Managers through to Senior Executives of travel and/or hospitality based companies use the Urban Traveler’s Secret Shopper services to:

  • Discover if their employees are:
    • *effectively acting as extensions of the company’s brand
    • *promoting the company’s mission
    • *using the training provided
    • *performing at the company’s level of standards
    • *up-selling products and/or services, increasing sales
  • Learn about the effectiveness of newly implemented campaigns
  • Have you partnered with another brand?  Is your partnership truly paying off?  Is your partner promoting your products and services in a manor that reflects your agreement?

Measured results are based on various methods.  To discuss the mix of data  that will help your travel or hospitality brand thrive in times when there is so much competition and noise, let The Urban Traveler be your secret advantage.

If you would like to learn about available services and contract structure, please email The Urban Traveler Secret Shopper HERE.


Q: You are a blogger – will you publish your results?

A: The Urban Traveler does not promote clients’ private interests.  Results are never shared on any platforms as they are confidential, unless agreed upon. 

Q: What’s the difference between hiring a Social Media Influencer or hiring The Urban Traveler Secret Shopper?

A: Bloggers or Social Media Influencers promote your offeringThe Urban Traveler Secret Shopper proves what is promoted, is what the paying customer actually experiences.

Q: How fast can you provide feedback?

A: Feedback can be provided in real-time or as an in-depth report.  We provide tailored and customized reports, based on your goals.

Q: We have various target audiences, how will you tap into our needs?

A: The Urban Traveler Secret Shopper specializes in Canadian/American Leisure (solo/groups/family) traveler’s and Business traveler’s experiences.  Budget to luxury travel.

Q: What kind of companies do you mostly work with?

A: We focus on travel and/or hospitality service providers.  Hotels, airlines, restaurants, spas, retail, etc.. Companies that are looking to expand their business and bottom line.

Q: Do you provide online services?

A: Yes, with a background in social media, we can aggregate the web and create an online reputation report with actionable recommendations.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Please note we are not currently recruiting new shoppers.

Q: Where can you provide your services?

A: The Urban Traveler Secret Shopper is local to Toronto, Canada but traveling to locations where clients require services is assumed.