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Let’s turn your vacation into a reality

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You can call me Jazz.  All my friends do.

I am Toronto Canada based but I have traveled around the world with extensive experience travelling for leisure and for business through North America and the Caribbean.

I know about travel brands (and their standards) and I have access to the world’s best vendors through my professional affiliation through Expedia.


How much does it cost?

To your advantage, most of the time, my commissions are paid from the partners I book on your behalf.  So the answer is my services cost you zero!

You won’t be charged for:

  • All-inclusive trip bookings
  • Discovery calls/Trip consultations (researching a vacation)
  • Booking tours/excursions
  • Insurance purchases

Here are the occasions when you can expect a fee:

  • If I create anything custom (itineraries, assist with surprises, special add-ons for your vacation, etc…)
  • If extensive research is required for your vacation.
  • Flight-only bookings incurs $50 fee, per ticket, per direction (inquire for corporate rates)

Any additional fees will be agreed upon prior to any bookings.


Looking to plan a GROUP, CORPORATE or INCENTIVE based trip? 

Send me an email at [email protected]



  • I have traveled to over 25 countries 
  • I have been organizing group, corporate and leisure travel for over 15 years
  • I have traveled around the world with a focus on North America and the Caribbean
  • I have been top sales agent at my agency (Expedia Cruises)
  • I have been Gold Level agent at Expedia Cruises and am now Platinum


Why #BookWithJazz?

I can offer experience, which will lead to a great vacation!  Solo travel, family travel, multi-generational travel, group travel, corporate travel, luxury travel –  I can speak to them all and remind you of the things to consider.

I can also offer perks & deals offered to me through Expedia, that aren’t found online.  In some cases, you can also earn Expedia Rewards as well!

Have an RBC AVION or a TD Expedia credit card?  Did you know Expedia Cruises is the exclusive booking agency for compete vacations?  Work with me when you are ready to redeem your points.

Booking with a travel agent offers peace of mind so that you know you are covered in case of issues, emergency or knowing why that deal you found is too good to be true.



As your travel agent, you can be confident in my abilities but also be confident in working with me as I am TICO licensed travel agent.

TICO stands for Travel Industry Council of Ontario.  This is the legislative body that regulates the Travel Industry in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Benefits of booking with a TICO travel agent, regardless of YOUR location, range from:

  • Should an airline, cruise line or hotel go out of business, you will have access to a fund that allows you to recoup your lost investment
  • Peace of Mind knowing that there is an Industry Watchdog protecting your rights as a consumer.
  • You don’t need to be from or live in Ontario to benefit from TICO
  • Visit TICO’s YouTube page and learn more HERE

Let’s set up a 15 min discover call – CLICK HERE



K West Hotel in West London

K West Hotel, West London, UK




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