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If you have a trip coming up, you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth purchasing travel insurance. The answer is: it depends.

two signs, one with the words insurance pointing right and the other sign says risk and is pointing left. this is about travel insurance.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?

One of the many things we learned from living with a pandemic for the past few years is that travel insurance is a vital element in any traveler’s itinerary.

Even the best-laid plans can go sideways when the unexpected happens. Travel insurance can help you protect your valuable trip investment and provide many important benefits. While some insurance programs (through suppliers and credit cards) may include trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage, it’s important to review and understand the coverage you ACTUALLY have.

Many travel insurance policies may provide additional coverage for emergency medical transportation and medical expenses that often are not covered by other plans.

Why Do Travelers Need Protection?

The list of possible events and occurrences that could cause you to need travel insurance is daunting.

Your parent falls ill, your job lays you off, someone in your travel group catches Covid, hurricane threat in the region, etc…

Who wants to bring negativity like a bunch of “what ifs” while planning your dream vacation?

As a travel agent, I have plenty of stories of when travel insurance paid off for my clients, and unfortunately I also have some even have horror stories of when my clients wished they had purchased it.

At the end of the day, I am always going to bring it up, as a way to ensure peace of mind.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What coverage do I current have (maybe through work and/or credit card)?
  • Can I afford to miss my trip and lose my vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances BEFORE I depart?
  • Can I afford to miss flight(s) and carry the cost of re-booking?
  • Can I afford to miss my luggage and accept the little amount that the airline will compensate?
  • Can I afford to cover the cost of returning home if I am forced to end my trip abruptly?
  • Does my medical insurance cover me whenever and wherever I travel?



TRIP CANCELLATION – covers you BEFORE your trip and ENDS the day you leave for your trip.

TRIP INTERRUPTION- covers you from when you DEPART for your trip until the day you RETURN.  Sometimes interruption plans include luggage and flight delay coverage.

MEDICAL – covers you in case of medical emergency usually covering costs associated to ambulance, medical care and in some cases, transportation home


Where can you buy travel insurance?

Through a travel agent.

Through your credit card.

Through your work benefits plan.

Sometimes when you are buying an all inclusive package, the vacation supplier (Air Canada Vacations, Westjet Vacations, Sunwing, etc) will offer their own insurance plans, as well.

Here is a sample of Westjet Vacation’s Travel Protection.

Tip: Call them NOW and learn bout your coverage.  Buy what you need, not what seems like a “good deal”.


If you have questions or would like a travel insurance quote for your next trip, reach out to me directly ([email protected]) or perform your own quote HERE.