If you can dream it, I can plan it.

Answering the question…”Where’dja go?”

First of all….I’m alive!!  One post in over a year has had some people asking ‘where did you go?’ and asking if things were okay.  All is well but it’s probably time for me to (officially) share my great news!  In Feb 2017, my baby girl Sadé (pronounced Shah-day) was born!

I have always imagined extending the fun times I’ve had to include a family so I’m looking forward to many travels with my Lil Urban Traveler.  By the way…how does “LUT” sound? Should I make this a thing??? lol

Hanging out in Toronto’s historic Distillery District @ Wildly Delicious with my LUT

I’m now in this new world of figuring out what is involved in traveling with a child – so I look to my experienced Urban Traveler mamas & papas out there, if you have any suggestions where a North American-based Urban Traveler and their LUT  could travel to (think domestic & international destinations not prone to risky illnesses), stay (hotels/resorts), eat (“can I get a high chair?”) and have fun (beyond Disney), please let me know.

Consider places that welcome or don’t shy away from sweet baby cries, space for strollers and are cool with nursing mamas.

First Roadtrip @ 4mos – 1200km Toronto->Ottawa->Montreal & back

I’m also searching for travel essentials. Anything on the market that I need to pack or consider, let me know!

If you follow my Instagram page you would have seen some posts or IG stories showing that we kept it moving this summer staying local while making MULTIPLE visits to Prince Edward County & Ottawa, once to Montreal, Quebec and had our first flight to New York City!

First flight YYZ–>LGA was a success!

Looking forward to your input – leave your comments below so I can follow-up!

I’ll be sure to keep posts coming on a more regular basis now that I have a better handle of this #MamaLife.

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“Oh, baby, the places we’ll go”