If you can dream it, I can book it.

I’m Going to the UAE!

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I’ve been known to be a traveler for years but have shied away when friends have called me a ‘global traveler.’  In a little over a month, I’ll be able to say that I would have been to 4 of 7 continents and I’ll feel way more confident with that title as I am traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UEA) for 10 days!


Emirates Palace

Though I’ve wanted to go to Dubai for some time, I had actually written a line to visit Abu Dhabi during the Grand Prix on my wish list of things to do in 2014, that’s posted by my bed.  “The Secret” rears its head yet again!

Partial 2014 “to do” list. Items on this list are longer than they appear 😉

I love the energy that racing, Formula 1 in particular, brings to a city. It is a global affair with so many people, from different cultures, that are invested in this event of about 19 races, that lasts months. I say that to say, that going during the last Grand Prix race of the season, pretty much guarantees that I’ll have an amazing experience.



I found this remarkable video by videographer Beni Saradzic on AbuDhabiConfidential.ae’s twitter account (love Twitter) and it makes me so excited to visit!

I will also be in Dubai for a few days and I am REALLY looking forward to discovering it as well!  I want to do all the touristy stuff.  Yea I said it…touristy stuff! You know what I mean….a trip dune bashing in the desert, skydiving above the Palm Jumeirah.  Click HERE to see the pictures I want need to capture!

So, why do you care that I’m so excited? Well, I need your help!
I’ll need help with hotel and spa suggestions.  The best place to have brunch and enjoy some shisha. Pointers for avoiding jet lag.  Common words I should know in Arabic (bonus that my travel mate Mona speaks the language, but still!).  Customs you think I should keep in mind. Places to shop. You can even go ahead and introduce me to people you know!

I don’t want to hang out in the mall and be like “Kim Kardashian was here” and only post selfies online, I want a great experience.

So email me, post a comment below or tweet me!

I look forward to posting more stuff about the lead up, including hotel choices and of course a post-trip post (or 2!) including a post-trip video, which I’ve never done but I’m thinking it’s a good time to start!

Anyways, send me a message and let’s talk about ABU DHABI & DUBAI!!