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The Urban Traveler: The luckiest person you know

My personal motto has always been that ‘I am the luckiest person YOU know’. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to or what is going on in life, I truly feel that I am so fortunate/lucky/blessed that I can¬†confidently say that and believe it.


Some people equate fortune/luck/blessings with money, possessions or position. ¬†I tend to associate it with health and happiness and through my travels & life experiences, I am fulfilled a few times over ūüôā

From Dubai to Chaing Mai. Sydney to Halifax.  Paris to Stockholm.  Caracas to Cancun.  I have explored through so many cities & countries (see my map on my landing page), have eaten some amazing meals and have met some incredible people.

When I’m not traveling and am based at home in Toronto (The 6ix!), I get my travel-fix by meeting up and talking to my Travel Massive crew who are similar travel bloggers/pros that are just as fortunate/lucky/blessed to have seen many corners¬†of the world and I was especially thrilled when last months’ meet-up was hosted by tripcentral.ca.

TripCentral Logo


The tripcentral.ca team

They hosted about 50 of us travel bloggers at the super fab¬†Rosewater Supperclub in downtown Toronto. ¬†Not only did they served up some¬†delicious food & drinks but they had a game of ‘Travel Bingo’ planned for us as an ice breaker. ¬†It was super creative and fun!


Sorry – kinda blurry


Speaking of fun, I think the people at tripcentral.ca have a lot of it. ¬†If you jump over to their website you’ll find THREE¬†tabs¬†that need a special shout-out.

One of them is called “Daily Trivia“. ¬†After your first visit,¬†sign-up to receive the daily emails. ¬†Each trivia email details a¬†story narrated by a quirky character named “Doc Holiday”. ¬†All I know is whoever gets to write those emails is having a blast! ¬†You have to read them to understand.

The trivia last 60 seconds and asks 3 questions. ¬†It’s fun and informative, if you like that kind of stuff. ¬†CLICK HERE to sign up for it.

Another one of the tabs I think you will like is called “Day Trips” which is a one stop shop for, you guessed it, day trips around the world. ¬†Take a peak, you may even find some activities to do in your own city!

Here is a snapshot of Brooklyn, Joburg & Bangkok

Here is a snapshot of Brooklyn, Joburg & Bangkok


The other tab I love to visit is this new feature they have called “trip matchmaker“.


Okay‚Ķnow this is cool! ¬†This tool was made for helping folks like us (travellers or those who are forever in search of that next vacation) choose the perfect resort based on preferences, not “stars”. ¬†The¬†tripcentral.ca¬†folks made a point and noted that since “star ratings”¬†are not regulated, it isn’t the best method to sort your vacations. trip matchmaker allows you to sort based on¬†budget and/or type of vacation in order to provide you with the best options. ¬†Make sure to leave a comment below to let me know how much better you think this tool is compared to others!

So back to the event, here I am catching up with my fiend Jiri, the tourism guy for Czech Republic and they announce that they are about to name a winner of the $500 travel voucher with tripcentral.ca.

My luck-vibes started tingling, I looked at Jiri and eyebrows raised I said “I think I am going to win”. ¬†Seconds later, over the audio system we hear “Jazz Linton – The Urban Traveler”!¬† I stood up, mouthed to him “I knew it”, put my hands in the air and pretty much body rolled out to the front to claim my prize.



There team is such a cool bunch and I am really grateful for the prize.


If you knew me, you would not be surprised, not one bit, that I had won. ¬†I’m known to be that lucky!

I’m really looking forward to figuring out how and when to use this voucher.


What would you do with $500 in travel dollars?

Visit family?  Take off to a festival?  Put it towards an all-inclusive?

Drop me a note in the comment section or tweet me your thoughts¬†at @Urban_Traveler. ¬†I’m hoping to figure it out in the next couple days!




With locations in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, tripcentral.ca is more than just a travel search/booking website. They offer the best deals on the web, and the best knowledge of an experienced travel agent.  Have fun finding your next vaycay!