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Virgin Voyages, sailing made for you


nightclub entrance with lady in a red dress and long brown wavy hair

The Manor Nightclub entrance – Virgin Voyages


Virgin has done very well in the air (remember that “Air Drake” moment?), on land and is now it is trying to achieve the same success at sea with the launch of Virgin Voyages which consists of 3 pretty impressive cruise ships.

Check out their latest promo video featuring the ship venues, rooms and overall vibe.



My first experience flying with Virgin was back in 2015, between Perth, Australia and Phuket, Thailand. It was a great flight and I remember how cool it was being able to play games using the in-flight entertainment system, from my seat, against people in other seats, rows away.


Virgin Limited Edition is Sir Richard Branson’s award-winning collection of luxury retreats and hotels that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020.  I first learned of it when I attended an African Travel Trade Show in Toronto a few years back and a rep from the South African Ulusaba Reserve Resort was onsite.  I have since learned about their move into the American Hotel market and after seeing their expansion plans, wonder if maybe Canada will see one in the future.


Virgin Voyages is brand new!  They had pushed back their launch by a year due to COVID-19 and finally launched in August 2021.  They have 3 ships named the Scarlet Lady, the Valiant Lady and the Resilient Lady which travel to bucket-list locations in the Caribbean, Europe, Mid East and Austra including their private island beach club in Bimini Bahamas and extended stops in Europe like Ibiza and Marseilles.

Virgin Voyages is for those seeking immersive experiences in travel, entertainment/music, health & wellness, sustainability, food and overall, an exciting time.

Speaking of food, here is a review of the “Test Kitchen”, which is included

Here is a tour of a ship


Virgin doesn’t just sail to normal ports and destinations.  Your land experiences have been curated to include later stays and amazing locales including Cannes, Dubai, Palma de Mallorca, Athens, Cairo, Costa Maya, Ibiza, etc.

Sample Caribbean itinerary – 5 nights on the Scarlet Lady

Map of the caribbean sea

Sample “French Dayz and Ibiza Nights” – 7 night itinerary on the Valiant Lady

Sample “Ancient Athens to Modern Dubai”- 14 night itinerary on the Resilient Lady

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Your Room awaits!

Pick from Interiors, Sea Terrace Cabins and Rock Star Quarters (and more!)

Inside of a Virgin Voyages cruise ship cabin. Decorated with bright colors and features a bunk bed

Sea Terrace Cabin


Hammock is in every cabin


Sea Terrace Cabin


Rock Star Quarters


inside of cruise ship bathroom made of marble

Rock Star Cabin, Bathroom

What’s Included?


Clearly this is not your regular cruise ship!  This is for millennials & Gen Xers who want to have immersive, adult-only fun hopping around Europe, the Caribbean and across the Ocean and only having to unpack once!

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