If you can dream it, I can book it.

The Urban Traveler, your Travel Agent

I finally did it.  Doubled down on myself.

I’m a TICO licensed Travel Agent!

I have traveled extensively to the Caribbean, the States, and have been to Europe, Thailand, Australia, UAE, etc.  Much of it I have blogged about (much of it I have yet to lol).

I love sharing my tips, insights and stories – I’m also a professional event planner and marketer as well a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Basically, helping people make their travel dreams come to life is what I love to do!


Chiang Rai’s White Temple in Thailand – photo by @MonaToronto

Who best to help you plan your next trip then someone who understands your lifestyle, and who understands you are driven by the desire to experience something new?  It’s hard to get that from a search engine, no matter how many filters you use.

Pommory Ice Restaurant in Montreal, Canada – photo by CPB

So as the first step towards my dreams, in the Spring of 2018, I finally decided to get my TICO license.

TICO stands for the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and is a legal governing body in place to ensure the consumer is protected when purchasing travel products (trips, vacations, flights, etc.) with an Ontario-based travel professional.

In the province of Ontario, Canada (where I️ live) you are required by law to be TICO certified in order to sell or market travel products/services to the public.  I am  also bound by a Code of Ethics to work in your benefit.

Other benefits include trip compensation which is a benefit of booking with a TICO agent.  Should the airline or hotel we booked you go out of business while you are vacationing, you have a fund that will help pay for you to get home.

Dubai desert – photo by @monaladyluck

My goal isn’t to be a travel agent by solely booking flights.  Again, I’ll leave it to the search engines for that.  As a Travel Agent, or Travel Curator, I want to be able to plan experiences and offer my friends/family/clients the confidence knowing they are in good hands and that I care.

To discover your next vacation, let’s jump on a 15 min discovery call or visit my Book with JELL page.

-Jasmin “JELL” Linton



Want to learn more about my travel-style?  Check out my Instagram account @urban_traveler to see where I’ve been.