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Art: Murakami Designs Aspen Snowmass Lift Tickets

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Newly designed lift passes

Louis Vuitton is coming to mind, yes?

Between November 26 and April 17, Aspen Snomass skiers will look cooler while sporting their lift tickets designed by one of my favorite contemporary artists’ Takashi Murakami.

I became familiar with his work after visiting his exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum a few years ago.  Oddly enough, or not, the show had a Louis Vuitton store which you had to walk through in order to continue to other spaces.

The famous Mr Dob

The Famous Mr Dob

Murakami was commissioned to create the tickets this season in honor of the 10th anniversary of Aspen’s Art in Unexpected Places, a partnership between the Aspen Skiing Company and the Aspen Art Museum that brings contemporary art to the public in unusual contexts. In addition to the artist-designed lift tickets (past seasons’ tickets have included work by Jim Hodges and Karen Kilimnik), the program has also produced outdoor performances and installations on and around the mountains.

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Finally a sky lift ticket that you will actually want to hold onto!

Makes  me think…I pretty much have a ticket from each concert, sporting event or VIP event I’ve attended since 1993 (when I was like 2year old -_- lol)

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I never did like the colorful versions of the Louis bags nor did I like the application of the cherries and flowers *shrugs*.murakami-louis-vuitton-collage-the-urban-traveler