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Travel Inspirations – Kiki, Umbreene and Melissa

I love this time of year!

So many of my hard working friends are taking time off to travel in order to reconnect with friends, lovers and most importantly, themselves.  I am perusing through their online pictures and I am so inspired!

So much so that I am going to start a new series of the people and things that inspire me.  I’ve named it simply “Travel Inspirations”.

This week I’m watching my girls Kiki, Melissa and Umbreene, all based in Toronto, as they are each in a different part of the world, experiencing the history, fun, delicious and finer things that life has to offer…all while taking incredible photos!

See for yourself!

@KikiBHussy (Maldives, Thailand & Singapore)






Kathleen aka Kiki took some amazing pics over the past couple of weeks.  Personally, they were VERY satisfying to me since I helped her plan the romantic 2 week trip with her significant other.  From the luxuries of Maldives, the beaches of Thailand and to one of the “the most photographed hotels in the world”, each of Kiki’s pictures are stun-ning!

@umbreene (Barcelona)

Umbreene-IG-profile-The-Urban-Traveler Umbreene-food-The-Urban-Traveler


The funny thing is that I wasn’t aware Umbreene was headed to Spain but good ol’ Instagram kept me posted and put a HUGE smile on my face!

Though I have always wanted but have yet to visit Barcelona (or any part of Spain for that matter), I know exactly who I will be asking for trip tips!  She just landed and I’m excited to see how her trip unfolds, what she will see, do and EAT! 🙂

@MelissaD_RMT (Europe/UK)

Melissa-IG-profile-The-Urban-Traveler Melissa-StPauls-The-Urban-Traveler


Melissa was in France earlier this week but is now enjoying the sight and runs around London!  She is an avid runner so help her along by letting her know of any great paths in areas where she is posting pics!  If you are unfamiliar with the places she is visiting but love to travel and run, ask her about the routes she chose!  Make sure to visit her IG account to follow her on her international journey.

Are you inspired?  Where you would like to visit?  What would be fulfilling for you?

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Are you currently traveling or are about to embark on a trip?  I’d love to see your pictures and may even feature you on a future “Travel Inspirations” post!  Make sure to use #UrbanTraveler on Instagram or Twitter so I can find you.