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5 Reasons Why I Embrace the Cold

It was a nice enough day, mild for December but as I drove through Toronto’s hipster central (Queen West & Ossington) I observed a few people enjoying beer on a local brewery’s PATIO…

#CanadiansBeLike: Patio Season at 44F or 7C.

#CanadiansBeLike: Patio Season at 44F or 7C.

and it got me thinking…

Everyone has a different relationship with each of the four seasons but most share the same feeling when it come to winter’s cold and that is that they don’t like it.

I, on the other hand, really enjoy what it brings us.

It made me think of a few reasons and this is what I came up with…

#1 Change
I love to see flowers bloom and leaves fall. New seasons give me an excuse to reevaluate my wardrobe, apartment layout and life in general.

#2 New activities
Two words: Ski season!  *BONUS TWO WORDS* Apres-ski 😉
I am based in Toronto so my local options are limited to flat surfaces but I love weekend ski trips with friends to Quebec’s Mont Tremblant, Ontario’s Blue Mountain and based on an article I read that inspired me on a recent Porter flight, a trip to Vermont’s Upper Valley is necessary (click HERE and read page 23-29) to experience how they embrace & enjoy cold temps.

I also really like attending Winter Festivals.  I think it’s cool to see how cities with colder climates entertain their locals and tourists.

I grew-up and have fond memories of skating on the Rideau Canal’s less than perfect bumpy ice for hours with the goal of eating a Beaver Tail (it is a Canadian pastry, not an actual tail) and attending many of Ottawa’s Winterlude winter activities.   If you are lucky enough to visit Quebec City during their Carnaval, you can walk through the ice labyrinth & ice castles.  If you find yourself in Montreal, a meal at the Snow Village’s Pommery Ice Restaurant will prove to be brag-worthy.

Ice labyrinth - Winter Carnival

Quebec City’s Ice labyrinth – Winter Carnival

Pommory Ice Restaurant

Pommery Ice Restaurant: Montreal Fine Dining à la Subzero

#3 Childhood memories
Hours spent tobogganing down massive hills, building snowmenpeople and as I mentioned above, skating on Ottawa’s world famous Rideau Canal Skateway are some of my fond winter memories.

Skating on the canal was an annual tradition

Skating on the frozen Rideau Canal was an annual tradition

#4 Different outfits
Who doesn’t love to shop for new winter clothes? New boots, accessories and sweaters that look stylish and help hide the pounds gained during the holidays. 😉

#5 #CuddleSeason
Cold temps give people an excuse to get closer. A shiver and a simple “I’m cold” can quickly lead to a foot rub, kiss on the nose or a warming hug. Fireplaces are a nice touch to these scenarios too.  I warn you though, you must approach with caution as this all could quickly lead to #BabyMakingSeason 😉 ha!


So am I alone? What winter activities are you planning?

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Oh and the cute “bonhomme” image from my site page is Quebec City’s Winter Carnaval mascot 🙂