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The Urban Traveler Has a New Home


Common question: “Where have you been?”

For those that know me well, you know where I’ve been…

True Story

True Story


After months of hard work and many late nights, I have moved my blog a new home, TheUrbanTraveler.net, and The Urban Traveler 2.0 is finally coming to life! *enter obnoxious smiley face*

I wanted to improve the overall experience of the site and my first step was to change the domain name.  Soon you will also see a brand new look and feel to the site as well.


Besides my travel stories and randomness, you will also find new and developing sections such as:

ASK ME, where I will answer frequently asked travel-related questions (I get asked PLENTY!)

VIDEOS, where I will be interviewing friends and travelers who have great stories and tips

SHOP, where I will showcase accessories, luggage, clothing for men and women that I recommend

MUSIC, where I will feature songs and artists that inspire me.  This is a track that comes to mind (CLICK).

Tips and Money Saving announcements that will be useful if you want to be updated when West Jet has their next Blue Tag sale or Porter  Airlines slashes their rates!

Information about MY TEAM, it takes a village I tell ya!

YOUR travel stories! I’m excited about this part. ¬†I will be adding contributors who reflect the type of travel info you are looking for. ¬†They will help me¬†keep you in awe, laughing and will help me fulfil a personal mission to inspire you to book that next trip! ¬†Had a crazy flight? ¬†Lost your luggage? ¬†Ended up in a city that was never on your agenda? ¬†I want to hear about it! ¬†Email me at¬†[email protected]¬†to chat about your experience good or bad.


Until the switch goes live in a couple of weeks, take a look and discover past posts like Boutique Hotels in Montreal, Kanye West‚Äôs Dancers performing a flash-mob on a Virgin Australia Flight, my stay at the Boulders Resort in Carefree Arizona and a recent post on the Top 5 Ways to Beat Jet Lag¬†(don’t laugh at my picture).


If you would like to be notified when the new site goes live, please sign-up to the newsletter!

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I need YOU!  I’m building a database of really cool stuff and I’d love your input! 

I need you Urban Traveler

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If you are a travel brand and would like to discuss advertising/business opportunities, please email [email protected]


Thank you for reading and clicking the links above.  I just wanted to say that I am so very happy that you will be along for the ride.  Pun intended!


Jazz Linton

IG/Twitter/Pintererst @Urban_Traveler