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Packing Cubes (Set of 6)

Packing Cubes (Set of 6)

I never thought I needed packing cubes until I was gifted a set and now I can’t imagine traveling without them!ย  Keeping underwear and socks in one cube, swim wear in another, day clothes in one, night clothes in another.ย  Perhaps you divide based on your OOTD.ย  Regardless how you sort, using packing cubes just makes it easier to search through your bag whether at customs or when you have arrived at your final destination.

  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Perfect for 24-inch suitcase.
  • 6 Travel Packing Cubes:
    • 2 x Large (15.75โ€™โ€™x11.61โ€™โ€™x3.54โ€™โ€™)
    • 2 x Medium (12.99โ€™โ€™x9.65โ€™โ€™x3.54โ€™โ€™)
    • 2 x Small (10.24โ€™โ€™x7.87โ€™โ€™x3.54โ€™โ€™)
  • Design highlights:
    • High-quality Nylon and wool fabric
    • Durable material
    • Strong zipper
    • Sturdy Handle: Convenient for carrying.
  • Easy to wash
  • Breathable Mesh Design
    • Keep contents visible

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