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Pullman Deira City Centre Hotel – Dubai

So you are researching where to stay in Dubai but you’ve never been.  You almost have too much choice when comparing where you want to visit, shop and eat.  But what if I told you the perfect place to do all 3 was easy to find!

Located a 5 minute drive from the Dubai International Airport (DXB), close to the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, 1 Dirham to cross from Deira City to Bur Dubai Souk (souk is a market) by abra, a skip and a jump to the Deira City Centre (DCC) Metro Station and attached to the DCC Mall (over 300 stores) is the Pullman Hotel in Deira City Centre! Yesssssss, attached to the mall!

Pullman Hotel DCC Lobby

Pullman Hotel DCC Lobby – website photo


Internet research can be very frustrating when trying to figure out where to stay.  See, when I was combing the internet for this trip, the Pullman Hotel looked a little too far off from the beach and for that reason we didn’t book but soon after taking a step inside the lobby, I realized that location isn’t always what should count.

First of all, the lobby was gorge!  I wasn’t sure if the photos I saw online were going to look like what I saw in person and surprisingly enough, they were.

I didn’t expect much from the hotel as I thought it was a short-stay hotel meant for people who got bumped from their flight.  I was very wrong.  It is actually very welcoming and had a bit of everything for everyone.

Short-stay schmorts-day.  With views like this, who would want to leave?

On top of the world!  Well it felt like it to me  ;)

On top of the world! Well it felt like it to me 😉


After touring through different suite types, the main conference area, the youth-like lounge area with video games and access to the mall, we went upstairs to the rooftop area called the “Azure Pool Lounge”.

Common area for meeting, conference and event spaces.

Common area for meeting, conference and event spaces.

Chill zone if you have kids!

Chill zone if you have kids!

I wish it showed how gorge the mall entrance was with all the marble and glass.

I wish it showed how gorge the mall entrance was with all the marble and glass leading down the stairs to the left.

The Azure Lounge wasn’t exactly poppin’ when we were there but then again it was the lunch hour during a week day.  I could just imagine the vibe created with a DJ spinning some tunes, the bar serving-up delish cocktails and city lights surrounding the area.  Regardless of the time of day, having access to a rooftop pool is ALWAYS a bonus at ANY hotel!

I found this pic online and shows off what it looks like later in the day.

I image this is what the Azure Pool/Lounge area looks like later in the day – website photo


Next was the spa-hhhh!

Website description: Where East meets West. Fit & Spa is the perfect blend of French elegance and Eastern tradition; harmonizing the whole persona by using western herbal based products, proven techniques and traditional Oriental aroma therapies to give you a distinct spa experience.

We walked in the spa and were greeted with a glass of exotic fruit juice and moist towelettes. Soon after we were separated into our own treatment rooms.

Fresh towels and juice to start the spa experience.

Fresh towels and juice to start the spa experience.

For the next 60 minutes I was treated to the perfect amount of pressure from head to toe.  I don’t tend to like deep tissue whereas my friend Mona loves it.  Seriously, loves it.  So I was thrilled that I  didn’t once have to give direction other than to be gentile with my neck area that tends to bug me.

My pictures didn't do the room justice, so I so grabbed this one from their website.

My pictures didn’t do the room justice, so I so grabbed this one from their website.


We ended our experience by floating back to the lounge area where we enjoyed tea service but then realized that we were running out of time before we had to leave.  Not sure why we agreed to tour the Medley restaurant when the (ah-may-zing) staff offered.  I mean, we were running late.  We couldn’t find the time.

Ugh…we are weak!!!  We couldn’t say no! Practically impossible with all of the choices of international food!

Photo of the dinner buffet at Medley

Hotel photo of the dinner buffet at Medley

The lighting wasn’t great so my camera refused to take a good picture. I snagged this from their website which shows an elaborate spread.  Our lunch spread had TONS of choice but didn’t look exactly like this image.

Variety + Delicious = Medley Lunch Buffet

Variety + Delicious = Medley Lunch Buffet

Here’s my plate though 🙂

Medley's mezzanine level dining area

Medley’s mezzanine level dining area – website photo


Not only is there the Medley Restaurant located on the mezzanine level but there is a sports bar called La Fabrique (watch out, like in many bars, smoking is allowed), a cafe called Le Cafe (simple enough) and of course the Azure Pool Lounge which serves drinks and light food.


Honestly, I had never heard of the Pullman Hotel brand before I started researching for this trip.  Accor Hotels, yes, but this brand was new to me.  It was cool to learn more about this chain like that they had over 80+ worldwide locations!  You should discover them too! Click HERE.


Hopefully this post has been helpful.  Their staff is better at it, take it from me!  I insist you reach out to them using the many methods below.

FYI: The are REALLY great and responsive on social media!

Website: pullman-dubai-deiracitycentre.com

Facebook: /PullmanDubaiDCC

Twitter: @PullmanDCCDubai

YouTube: /PullmanDubaiDCC

Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre
P.O. Box 61871, Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 (4) 294 1222
+971 (4) 295 4444