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Travel Tip: Luggage Security

For whatever reason my luggage is often inspected by airport security once it is checked-in but I have been fortunate *knock on wood* to not have dealt with missing items.  At worst, I’ve been out a luggage lock but it can get quite annoying buying a new lock every few months.

I don’t remember where I picked up this trick but I wanted to share this inexpensive and very helpful tip!

Go to any dollar or hardware store and buy a pack of plastic ties.  I call them cord ties cause I have them holding all of my random computer and electronic cords together.

Try to buy the long ones as you can always trim them later.


You may have to cut them in half like I did in order to get it through the zipper closure hole.

Luggage-security-The-urban-traveler-3And there you go.  An in expensive alternative to a clipped lock, lost key or for the forgetful ones, the code!


Have you any travel hacks?  What is your favorite?